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Real Autosurf is a web traffic exchange service which generates free traffic for your website. Get 2 points par each visit! How to do it?
1. Register to a free account.
2. Add your own websites.
3. Generate points by watching other webites.
4. See your website traffic grow.
An AutoSurf Traffic Exchange, like Real AutoSurf, displays another members page on your screen for various period of time (can be set by each url differently) and then AUTOMATICALLY moves on to the next one. No clicking required! At Real Autosurf REAL SURFERS GET 2 CREDITS PER PAGE IMPRESSION!! If you see a page that interests you, you can pause the process until you're done reading, joining or whatever and resume it when you are ready. YOU are in control! AND, unlike "click exchange" type sites - there is no incentive to cheat which means that real people are viewing your site, not some tech-geek who figured out a way to rack up phony clicks to get credits.
Real Autosurf has been designed with the latest PHP version and most popular UI/UX designs which covers good security rules and link control. So in result it has created an surfing environment with less spammer and malware distributors. Feel free and start making your website rank rocking the net for free.

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